Bus information
Hotel and Restaurant Lamm

Welcome to the bus information 2016

We offer:
  • Restaurant up to 120 Person
  • Special menu for Bus travelers, lunch and dinner, coffee and cakes 
  • Small dishes and snacks for seniors and juniors
  • Proximity to the company Steiff (walking distance only 3 minutes)
  • Drinks and menu for Bus drivers and tour guides are free
  • Englisch spoken Staff
For reservation call Tel: +49 7322 9678-0   Fax: +49 7322 9678-150
Bus menu 50 persons (2016)
(Prices from December 2015 in Euro incl. tax)
  Clear soup with kind of ravioli
3,70 Euro
  Clear soup with liver dumplings
3,70 Euro
  Clear soup with sliced pancake
3,70 Euro
Kleiner Salat vom Buffet mit Brot
  Small salad from the buffet with bread
3,70 Euro
Beilage extra
  Side dish extra
3,70 Euro
Rumpsteak Kräuterbutter mit Rösti
  Rumpsteak herb-flavoured butter with rösti
15,90 Euro
Schweinefilet an Gemüsen mit hausgemachten Spätzle
  Filet of Pork with vegetables with home made Spaetzle
  (kind of noodles)

16,90 Euro
Schnitzel Wiener Art mit Pommes frites
  Pork cuttlet Viennese style with french fries
11,90 Euro
Hähnchenbrust natur mit Basmatireis an Früchte-Currysoße
  Grilled chicken breast with Basmati rice and fruits-curry
11,90 Euro
Feine Pestonudeln mit Lachsfiletstückchen
  Pesto noodels with filet of salmon
13,90 Euro
Käsespätzle mit Röstzwiebeln
  Spaetzle with cheese and onions
9,90 Euro
Schwäbische Maultaschen "Champignons" mit frischen Champignons
  suabian maultaschen with fresh mushroom's
11,90 Euro
Gemischtes Eis mit Schlagsahne
  Mixed ice cream with whipped creme
4,20 Euro
Vanilleeis mit heißen Himbeeren, Schlagsahne
  Vanilla ice creme with hot raspberries
5,50 Euro
Gebackene Apfelringe mit Vanilleeeis
  Baked ring of apple with vanilla ice creme
5,50 Euro

Exit Giengen on the A7 between Aalen and Ulm
Follow the signs .

To Hotel and Restaurant Lamm:
  • Direction "Stadtmitte"
  • follow the green sighn's "Hotel Route"
  • follow the sign "P" Hotel Lamm to the parking area of the Hotel
To company Steiff:
  • Turn at the "Walter-Schmid-Halle", follow the signs "Steiff-Erlebniswelt" 
Parking for cars is possible in front of the hotel, buses in the Bahnhofstrasse