city and tourism Giengen e. V.


With the founding of the "city and tourism Giengen e. V." could be considered as members and partners Margarete Steiff GmbH, which Kreissparkasse and Volksbank, the caves and Hürben hometown club, the club Mill Historic castle and the town Giengen won. This association has meanwhile started its work.
A central theme in this area is networking with the offers from catering and accommodation sector. With the establishment of an expert group "Gastro" in the industry and trade association here is already an important first step. All parties have agreed that the leisure industry in Giengen only then will develop well, although the catering and hotel industry is actively involved in the activities. The thought still existing in its own drawer "should gradually in cooperation needed to be rebuilt.
(Taken from on 20.11.2008)